At Vaux, we are creating universal access to quality communication. Harnessing our unique compression technology, we have designed a conferencing platform that will deliver the lightest communication protocol on the market.

Quality communication is more crucial than ever and amidst a global crisis the big players have proven they cannot keep-up with demand.

$34 billion dollars in time and productivity is wasted annually due to inadequate video conferencing and collaboration tools.

Our technology focuses on providing reliability and consistency, able to withstand slow connection environments overlooked by the existing options. We’ve all experienced drop outs, lag and interference on video…

Over the last few weeks, I have been furiously taking notes and nodding along in agreement as I listened in to AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions) with a number of incredible individuals from the startup and VC space in Australia.

The talks have given me a unique opportunity to hear directly from trailblazing founders, incredible VCs and genuine leaders that are helping nurture and grow the startup ecosystem in Australia as well as making a positive impact globally.

I wanted to share my learnings and takeaways from 3 of the most authentic and passionate leaders I’ve ever had the pleasure…

We are only a few weeks in, and I am already seeing the value and impact the Startmate Fellowship has had on my network, career & confidence. I came into the program ready to breakdown the constructs of the corporate world, and best position myself for success in my career in startups and that’s exactly what I am getting. I have had the opportunity to personally connect with countless founders, CEOs, and thought leaders in the startup space. …

Where did I save that tailored resume? And that personalised cover letter? How long ago did I apply for that job? Is it too soon to follow up? Who was the hiring manager again…?

Job hunting is not easy! How do you keep track?

Anyone who knows me knows I have a love affair with Notion. It is absolutely brilliant for reading lists, note taking, goal setting, travel plans — I could go on all day.

Speaking to job hunting junior devs recently, it got me thinking about what resources there are for recording job applications. …

I absolutely love the power of twitter! A place where personal and professional passions collide and people can express themselves and find their tribe.

The junior devs on my Twitter feed are continuously creating a supportive and inquisitive environment for their community. And what’s even better? Senior devs and leaders in the industry are engaging, empowering and helping them increase both their technical skillset and personal confidence.

So take a look at some of the awesome humans that regularly make my day with their tweets. Throw them a follow and help them out where you can. Perhaps you have wisdom…

Steph Leahy

CEO @ a part of portfolio 🎙 My passion is connecting people in tech. Remote work fan, climate & sustainability advocate and travel lover 🌍

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