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At Vaux, we are creating universal access to quality communication. Harnessing our unique compression technology, we have designed a conferencing platform that will deliver the lightest communication protocol on the market.

Quality communication is more crucial than ever and amidst a global crisis the big players have proven they cannot keep-up with demand.

$34 billion dollars in time and productivity is wasted annually due to inadequate video conferencing and collaboration tools.

Our technology focuses on providing reliability and consistency, able to withstand slow connection environments overlooked by the existing options. We’ve all experienced drop outs, lag and interference on video calls. Our mission is to enable quality communication anywhere in the world, whether you’re connecting with your remote team in Manila or working from a cafe in Sydney — smooth, stable conversation is possible.

We are solving a multi-billion dollar problem that popular companies like Zoom and Microsoft have failed to address.

In Indonesia, the Pacific Islands and the Philippines professional organisations are forced to revert to asynchronous messaging apps like WhatsApp to communicate. Even in countries like Australia and the US, video conferencing is far from reliable. While offices in our major cities are set up to supply strong broadband many of us work remotely — often hundreds of kilometres away from the nearest city. Bandwidth remains questionable in many of these environments.

Vaux’s approach to AI lossy compression allows frictionless communication even in areas struggling with poor connection and low bandwidth. Our technology operates at the lowest bitrate in the market, as low as 0.9kbps.

View comparison to Original, MP3 & Opus at the end of this article.

Video conferencing is still considered to be in its infancy. The global pandemic has highlighted huge issues with broadband and connection globally. Some of the most heavily impacted people include rural/remote tertiary education students, international development companies, distributed teams and those working from home. Personally and professionally, we all expect quality communication wherever we are.

What makes Vaux unique?

Vaux has a team with unparalleled expertise in audio and modern deep learning techniques. This distinctive combination of skills and knowledge puts us in a position to be the industry leader in AI compression standards.

We have achieved the first practical implementation of Variable Bitrate (VBR) within an AI powered codec. Combined with our extreme levels of compression, VBR allows us to flex our bitrate up and down and take advantage of the extra data savings to combat unstable internet. This results in reliable audio streaming that doesn’t drop in and out when your connection slows.

The Vaux pipeline brings together multiple modern deep learning techniques: a denoising model, a recurrent autoencoder with feedback, a hybrid neural network and a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) vocoder.

Want to dive deeper into the tech behind Vaux? Read our technical blog “A New Paradigm for Lossy Media Compression” by our CTO Lindsay Watt.

Why us? Why now?

The market for our technology is divided into corporate enterprise, government, education and healthcare; and is predicted to be worth a staggering $20 billion by 2024. Latin America alone is expected to see a CAGR of more than 20% by 2026 due to widespread adoption of advanced technology. We are gearing up to serve these emerging markets, open up possibilities for new markets as well as address issues within existing markets. One size does not fit all.

Our lightweight video conferencing system has generated a lot of interest to date. Our first customers cast a global footprint. These first adopters include international outsourcing companies based in the Philippines, India and Vietnam, International Development and Engineering firms operating in the Pacific Islands, Global Non-Profits and Economic Development Agencies and a growing global remote workforce.

Vaux operates on the belief that quality sound and communication should be accessible to everyone. We’re building the lightest video conferencing platform to enable smooth, stable conversation globally.

Interested? Sign up to our beta, launching 2021.

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Our Tech in Action:

Below we compare Vaux at 2.4kbps and 0.9kbps to the original file (256kbps), MP3 (24kbps) and Opus (6kbps).

To view our full demo, head to our website.

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